Benefit from IT Run’s
Extended Workbench

Extended workbench with IT Run means that we provide professional resources to companies when they lack the bandwidth to handle projects internally.

Extended Workbench Key Benefits


Each expert in our network is prescreened as we strive to onboard only top-tier tech talents.


We work hand-in-hand with businesses to efficiently collaborate toward preset goals and mutual success.


Reduce operational and labour expenses without making compromises with scalability and quality.


Our services are flexible, meaning they can be adapted to different working standards without any setbacks.

Solid Industry Knowledge

Companies can rely on our extensive industry expertise and proven project delivery capabilities.

Fluid Communication

Dedicated project managers will provide standardised reports and production data to ensure smooth communication between all teams.

Our Tech Talent

Our specialists bring excellence, speed, and flexibility to the table. They enable in-house teams to scale up and complete their tasks on time. We can supply competency based on skills, seniority level, and tech stack. Whatever your needs are, we have them covered.
Software Developers
Quality Assurance Experts
Project managers
Data Architects
Data Scientists

Our Coding!

Time after time, IT Run has assisted companies in navigating through the digital world. We know the industry. We know systems and technologies. We know coding languages. Our flexibility and wide range of services allow us to deliver basic and complex projects without snags and setbacks. Our services are tailored to cover the specific needs of each client. We can assist businesses with the following:

The Extended Workbench

To Get Things Done